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Price: €380.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: 080915
Manufacturer: ICS
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The Galil is a family of assault rifles developed by the Israeli firearm manufacturers IMI (Israeli Military Industries) chambered in the two main rifle calibres; 5.56 and 7.62.

It is similar in general appearance to the Kalashnikov family of rifles, and is often mistaken as a variant of the same due to the similar magazines.

The Galil ARM (Assault Rifle & Machine Gun) features a carry handle, integrated Bipod, and extended wooden handguard - all features are beautifully replicated by ICS on this spectacular rifle. The wood looks fantastic, and really makes the gun shine out from others on the field. The gun features a folding stock, which makes it supremely maneuverable versus other solid-stock guns.

ICS paid very close attention to detail when designing the Galil ARM - they replicated one of the most iconic features of the galil; the bipod retention lug on the handguard can also be used as a bottle opener.

Performance out of this rifle is excellent, but the main attraction of this particular gun is looks, and it is certainly the best looking out of any of the galils currently on the market.

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